Saturday, 23 May 2015

Eurovision 2015

I have not did the the thing. I will do the thing. I will do it eventually. Probably after the Eurovision Song Contest. Probably after the #RYBSAT is over because I will never stop trying to read my bookshelves and get distracted by library and netgalley books and books that I add to my shelves.

I've decided to liveblog Eurovision and here are my thoughts:

Building bridges, really? We all hate each (on vary on levels) and the song is terrible.

 1. Slovenia: HeadPhones and forgettable.

2. France is good and depressing as always. Though, I thought we not allow talk mention the war.

3. Israel: Ar...Pop music with weird lyrics at the end.

4: I didn't wake you up because your shadow doesn't match you.

5.UK: Yes this song is terrible. Neon US twenties. God, I want to know who picked this.

6. Aremenia:  I have sent a song from a musical/opera with every hope simile and metaphor possible. Why are they walking on the world?

Gay kissing. Gay Kissing every time.

7. Lithuania. I do not feel the love.

8. Serbia: Typical Eurovision song with striping, odd costumes and terrible dance music thrown in at the end. Lyrics were masked.
 Why am I reviewing these? Also fags (I post that on twitter. I meant flags).

I am not hashtagimg the countries.

9. Norway: Fairytales have won it for Norway before.

Lots of Duets this year. 

10. Sweden: Are you a singer or Magician? Making little boys appear out of Norway, that seems like... I can't finish you. Good Staging but I don't get why this is one of the favourite.

11. Cyprus: Starting a song in Black & White is now a thing and should be added to the drinking gamw which by the way would have you comatose by now.

12. Australia:The real reason Australia was allowed in this year was so we would confused it with the hosting country. This my favourite songs so far and I like the street lights.

13. Belgium: He wrote the music. Cool.

14.Austria: Don't set the piano on fire. Beads and long hair did work last year.

15. Greece: I hope they win and panic for a moment before they remember they don't have to host it.

16. Montengegro: The oldest contestant this year.

17. Germany: smoking by a UK writer.

18. Poland: Seriously. WTF Poland. Why are showing her dancing. Seriously, trying to get the sympathy vote. This isn't reality TV show.

Ableist much ain't you all. I personally don't like the song and I don't think you do either with your comment about her strength to continue. God, I hate comments like that.

Doesn't anyone else think it's fuck up that Poland had footage of their singer dancing in the background before her accident?

What with the death theme this year?

19. Latvia:

20. Romania:

21. Spain:

Someone had a red moon and I forget.

22. Hungary: Love is a gun tree and the world is yours to walk all over. I wonder if Eurovision will ever happen without a political song in it.

Every year there's a song about politics even though that's not meant to not allowed.

23. Georgia: Feathers are a costume necessarily.

24. Azerbaijan:

25. Russia: If this isn't the most hypercritical song I've ever heard.

26. Albania: "I'm Alive" I thought you were dead.

27. Italy: I don't get why this is one of the favourite. It's not like they're hot. They can sing I guess. 

Every year it's a shock that I can't vote for the UK

 First Interval: Drums are favourite thing to feature in this part of the show.

Second Interval: This is a mini-concert.

Voting: Now the fun really begins. *The whole of European  and else watching groans*

Agreeing to down our drinks if we get nothing right before Malta gives us 1 point.

Why are Russia winning? Who wants them to host it again? The song wasn't that good.

11.05pm: Please stop with the bridge thing.

11.08pm: Booing the presenters when they say not to boo Russia. 

11.10pm: We keep losing country.

11.15pm: Why are you voting for Russia, Europe? I thought you were better than this. Especially, you France.

11.16pm: Fuck you, Ireland.

11.20pm: Nothing. Australia. We are your mother.

11.31pm: 6 points to Russia? We should have left the UK.

11.32pm: These Bridges ain't that strong because we've lost three countries.

11.44pm: Yay. Sweden.

11.49pm: Austria won last year, to get Nul points this year. That must be some sort of record.

I'm off now before we hit Sunday to read.

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