Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Book Review: The Small Hand by Susan Hill

Okay, any of you watch my BookTube videos know that me and Susan Hill are yet to make friends. Her ghost stories don't scare me nor do I find them even slightly spooky. Mostly baffled. I only keep reading as my local library has lot her books and they're short. 'The Small Hand' has not change my opinion.

The book summary goes like this:
Returning home from a visit to a client late one summer's evening, antiquarian bookseller Adam Snow takes a wrong turning and stumbles across the derelict old White House. Compelled by curiosity, he approaches the door, and, standing before the entrance feels the unmistakable sensation of a small hand creeping into his own, 'as if a child had taken hold of it'. Intrigued by the encounter, he determines to learn more, and discovers that the owner's grandson had drowned tragically many years before. At first unperturbed by the odd experience, Snow begins to be plagued by haunting dreams, panic attacks, and more frequent visits from the small hand which become increasingly threatening and sinister ...

 The main problem with this book is that I felt absolutely nothing for Snow (which is why I'm calling him by his last name). I really could not have cared less if he died. No one would have missed him. I feel no relief when he continues to not jump into various deep waters.

When I got to the ending I was like WTF. I so want to rant about how its ends, but I don't want to spoiler it for anyone after reading this review and still wants to read 'The Small Hand'. I will say it leaves you very sympathetic and it actually has a reason behind the "haunting" unlike "Doll".
I really left this book with nothing, no feeling or thoughts. This book is so scary that you could read in the middle of the night in a house alone during storm that knock out the power and still be 'meh'. 

While the plot content wasn't good, it was well written and still readable, so I gave 2/5 stars. Just though.

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