Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Book Review: Slated by Teri Terry

So I'm going to start doing written Book Reviews. For those who like my Saturday ramblings, don't worry these reviews won't count towards that (unless I'm really being Lazy).

So Slated by Teri Terry (Yes, I can't get over that name either) is set in 40 years in future Britain after rebels and revolution has changed the government dramatically. The protagonist is girl called Kyla who has been Slated, meaning she had her memory wiped by the Government. You are Slated if you have committed a serious crime and are between the ages of 12 and 16.  So she only has memory of the past nine month of her life. She doesn't even know why she was Slated. However, she keeps having nightmares, indicating that she hasn't forgot everything. If you're slated you wear a Levo on wrist which monitors your mood levels. Ten meaning your extremely happy and if you get angry or depressed it lowers and if goes below three you be knocked out. If two you're die.  Kyla due to her nightmares keeps going dangerously low.

As well as her nightmares, Kyla is adopted into a new family and is not certain she can trust her parents. With people disappearing from her new school, she begins to question the government.

I gave 4/5 stars to Slated as while there nothing wrong with the book, there was just something missing. The plot was well structured and all the characters had purpose. I always hate when there just random characters for no reason. There was few things that bugged me about Slated, but honestly these are probably just my pet peeves. I found it rather unsettling that Autism had been cured. That all that stated, it doesn't really play into the story really either. Not said how and as someone who has Autistic traits it stuck with me and started me questioning it: did they do something to the brains of the Autistic or did they wiped out the genetics for it which would make me very uncomfortable if that ever happen. Also I never think British would ever have chocolate chiped pancakes for breakfast. That very much a treat, not a meal. BBC Three showing the weather seems wrong in so many ways.

It also passes the planned sequel test. The main events of the novel have a satisfying end, but you're left with plenty of questions which make you want to read the next book.

I did enjoy reading Slated, I recommended to any YA dystopia lovers and I am looking forward to the next in the Trilogy, Fractured (April 2013).

 P.S. Hopefully, my reviews will get better with the more I write/film. I did do a video review as well.

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