Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Non-Christmas Story

Haló babies. So since it petty safe to start talking about Christmas now that we are a week into December (in my opinion you should only start thinking about Christmas once December starts). However, we not going to be talking about Christmas. Just have a random start to a story. Except to say there a Christmas tree up in my house.


 I stare beyond the window. I gup. I don't why but a sudden feeling of dread has came over me as if something terrible has happened or was going to happen. I shake my head. The street below the window is empty. How had I got to the window. I must have wandered here whist I was thinking.

I had now completely forgot my train of thought.  Trains. Oh, yes. I was comprehending the best way to travel down to Manchester. It was an old uni's friend's wedding, May. We weren't exactly close, but once upon a time we had been. We still kept tabs on each other. Its just we ended up on other sides of the Kingdom after we're Graduated. She in London and me in Dundee. It was just one of those things. We went from seeing each other everyday, to never seeing each other. We never actually had any thing in common. So only small chat and discussion about what other people are doing now. She was still a good friend. Even now I'm sure could relab on her.

Also lots of other uni friends are going. It be a union of sorts. I wonder if Beth is going to the wedding, I know she invited. Maybe we could share our a car down. It probably cheaper if we all go down that way instead of the train. Its just so expensive now a days. Though, there is always that sort of vintage and nostalgia to it. Going home on weekends and Holidays to the parent's that slowly stopped being home the more time I spent at Uni. No, silly to waste money and time.

I message Beth and see.  A road trip is always fun.

"What's the Hotel called again?" Jim asks for the fifth time. 

"The Abigail" Beth replies frustrated. "God, I'm glad we didn't take the train. This is not just outside of Manchester."

"It probably is to May," I say from the back. May seem to have no sense of distance. She would always end up late for meetings and classes because of it.

"I don't know why I took her word for it," Beth says continuing her rant. We had been driving around for a least hour looking for this place. None of us were that happy about it. We had been literally been driving for hours. "I should have googled this place before hand. Just imagine we had came down tomorrow. We would miss the whole bloody thing."

She starts to go on about the nonsense of a morning wedding.  I ignore her, she complained about the Nine clock ceremony six times already. It good thing she and Jim are perfect for each other. He always forgets and she always repeats. They've always been couple before there were one. The one you knew would eventually be together in ten years. Though, I could have missed walking in on them. Actually, the last time I had physically seen May was at their wedding. 

"Just imagine asking a pregnant women to come this distance." I smirk, I had forgotten how much Beth says "Just imagine", it was basically her catchphrase. Beth was only ten weeks pregnant. May couldn't have possibly have known she would be with child when she had invited her.

"I was tempted not to come."

"Yes, but just imagine the wedding without your awkward dancing." Beth turns and glares at me. Her dancing style had always been a sore point. I smile back at her. 

"Honey, you're a wonderful dancer," Jim says. Beth turns back to the front saying nothing. 

I look out the window to see a dirty sign proclaiming "The Abigail Hotel". The letters are scratchy. Its in desperate need of repairing. The road it points to is dirt tacked and framed by trees.I can see the faint outline of white building as we drive by. Its the eeriest thing I've ever seen.

"Jim, you just miss the turning." I say, full of dread. If its in my voice, they're don't notice.


Its takes us half hour to get back to that turn. It wasn't long enough.


That's all for this week folks, I'm just too tired to write more.

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