Saturday, 24 March 2012

Okay, lets talk books

In my opinion, which I'm sure is shared by many, books are brilliant. They have to be the best thing we've ever invented since basically everything comes from them or were at least helped along. The written word has increased potential of share knowledge greatly. With it, we can communicate to someone hundreds of years apart (we obviously can't have a conversation), we can spread knowledge at speed impossible by the spoken word.

Frankly, I love books. Whether fiction or factual, I can find enjoyment in them all. Books for me are the best thing in the world: emotional stories; a fantasy to escape to; wondrous plot; intriguing characters; millions of facts and information. All can be found in books, what's not to love?

There really is a book for anyone, even if you claim you're not much of a reader.  They cover such a variety of topics and issues. They're amazing.

Okay, maybe I'm a tad biased. I mean I do consider myself a storyteller/writer. However, take it from someone whose been deprived of books, they are something to be thought sacred. The damaging of a book is a sin; the mass burning is a sacrilege

All books have value, even if is it to beat someone with them (I refer to large hardbacks as whacking books for a reason) or as evidence of  idiocy.  I honestly don't think the written word will ever go out of style. You can't beat the human imagination. 

P.S. Okay, that was a petty pointless blog. Nothing else to write about this week.

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