Saturday, 3 March 2012

I'm a bloody mess- Learned First Aid

I officially know how to do CPR and put someone in the recovery position. In about 2 weeks time I'll have a card that says as much from the British Red Cross. We did learn other things such as what to do when we find someone unconscious, how to treat broken arms and other wounds, as while talk through other emergencies. I also now know how to use a public defibrillators, they actually have voice recording that speaks out the inslutants to you. They also recording you though.

The course was meant to last five hours, but we only had time for four and we did over five weeks in our free periods at school. We basically did all of it in two and bit. The fourth was just us covering each other in fake injuries. Favourites were black eyes and cuts on the top of the left hand (completely unrealistic). There were quite impressive and even fooled a few people. Here are my injuries, they weren't as impressive as everyone else.

Here are some fun facts,
  •  CPR only save 1 in 100
  • Defibrillating someone saves 1 in 25
  • Heartattack victims are basically already dead if they're unconscious.
  • You can drown from a teaspoon of water, because thats all it takes for your body to go into shock.
  • Its very hard to get water out of someone lungs

  So I now know how to potentially save someone's life, though I doubt have to use it.

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